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Hi There!

I'm Jenny, a potter just like you. 

I am a full time, self taught potter. My passion is to educate other potters by providing a nurturing mold community and reducing intimidation around making slip casting molds.

I’m probably over here trying to juggle life with two little kids while dreaming up my next big idea or design. You can often find me in the kitchen baking up another batch of chocolate chip cookies or whipping together some supper (plus a whole lotta dishes!). I also have a love for plants, gardening and skiing. Give me the country any day!


I started playing with clay 14 years ago. It was love at first touch when I made my first ever pinch pot sitting in a workshop with my best friend and 5 other eager learners. I probably would've never guessed that day when I was only 16 where that clay would take me, and man, it has been a wild ride!

When I started my pottery business in 2014,  I was super intrigued by the idea of marbling coloured slips together. So I decided to give my hand at making a slip casting mold. I hadn’t made anything like this before, so it was all brand new to me. But I was excited for the possibilities that molds open up. Little did I know the difficulties, frustrations and lack of good quality mold information out there that I would all experience.

But I am here today to tell you, that it is possible and you can do it too! And I want to share everything that I have learned over the years with you to help you have success with plaster too!

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