8 Tips to Decrease Warping in Slip Cast Pieces

slip casting tips warping Jun 23, 2020



Have you ever had it, that moment of truth, when you wait so patiently for the kiln to cool, counting down the temperature to be able to crack that lid and take a peek inside? Sheer excitement, just like Christmas morning, you can’t wait to see the pots you spent so many hours, days, and weeks creating. 

As you open the lid and look down at the shelf of pots, it becomes obvious that many of your pieces are no longer nice and round, but horribly ovaled at the rim. Devastation hits you. So much effort has gone into those pieces, so many pieces that aren’t top quality products to be able to sell, and why is this happening? The questions come flooding in, the frustrations hit you, and you feel like closing the kiln and walking away, wishing those pots would just fix themselves.

Warping: we all hate it! It's something that doesn't show up until the end of the process, after so much time has already been invested into the piece and it can no longer be...

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