Top 3 Myths about slip casting debunked!

slip casting Apr 21, 2020


Slip casting molds are becoming increasingly popular among potters right now. Are you curious to learn what all the hype is about? I’m here to fill you in.

Here’s the thing. There are definitely some myths going around about mold making and slip casting. This is simply due to a lack of knowledge on the topic, and I’m here to debunk these myths and help you understand more about the process. 

Myth #1: It isn’t handmade

The slip casting process has been deemed as being removed from the handmade nature of pottery. However, this isn’t the case at all and let me tell you why!

Just like throwing, slip casting is just one step in the whole process of ceramics. You still need to make your molds, know how to handle your slip and slip cast, not to mention all the steps that come after that with trimming, finishing, firing, and glazing.

A slip cast piece gets handled just as many times as a thrown piece does. It still takes time, skill, and knowledge to make your pieces no matter what method you choose to make them. 

Myth #2: It is easier

It is true that slip casting molds do allow for more detailed and difficult forms to be produced at an easier level. It opens up the opportunity to create non-round forms (unlike the wheel produces) at a much faster rate than hand building or altering each piece. 

However, the slip casting process is not necessarily easier than throwing a piece, it is just different. 

Learning mold making isn’t easy. It requires practice, knowledge, and several steps to achieve your final product. 

Initially, the steps are longer, but once you have some working molds, making those difficult to produce forms will save you time.

Myth #3: It is mass produced 

Have you ever seen a photo on Instagram and thought to yourself, “how the heck did they make that!?” then stalk their feed endlessly, looking for more photos and videos of how they made that super cool, unique piece?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Slip casting molds open up a whole new opportunity of aesthetics to be created!

Methods such as:

  • Marbling
  • Colouring slip
  • Creating patterns (lines, abstract dips, splatters, etc.)
  • Carving away coloured layers of slip to reveal patterns
  • And so much more!

Slip casting molds allow you to be even more creative and achieve what isn’t possible with throwing.

It also simplifies the construction process, giving you more time and freedom to experiment with surface decoration.

These are all handmade techniques that wouldn’t be used in a factory to mass produce products. 

So there you have it. Three big myths around slip casting molds that simply just aren’t true! 


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