Jenny Rijke

Ceramics by Jenny Rijke. Photo Credit: Jenalle Los

When will my ceramics be shipped?

Items will be processed and shipped within 10 business days after payment has been approved. Due to the arrival of a new baby, orders may take longer then normal. Those that have paid for expedited shipping will be shipped out faster based on which shipping method was discussed and purchased.

How is the shipping price determine?

The weight, size and destination all are factors in the shipment price. Due to ceramics being fragile, extra care needs to be taken to ensure your order arrives to you in once piece. Therefore, bubble wrap, kraft paper and double boxing are all needed. These measures add extra weight and size to the shipment, increasing the cost. 

Where is my shipment?

Your shipment can be tracked by using the tracking number provided in the email you received when your order was shipped. Some shipping services (particularly the most economical shipping method to the USA) do not provide tracking numbers. Typically orders take up to one week for delivery within Canada and two weeks for delivery to USA. Items shipped to USA or Internationally may encounter hold ups at the border and customs which could delay the shipment. International orders can take up to up to 6-10 weeks to be received (dependent on the location) unless expedited/air mail shipping has been purchased. 

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide!

My piece arrived damaged. 

If you piece has arrived damaged please take a photo of the piece and the packaging within 48 hours of receiving the item and email me at via my contact page. 

My piece doesn't look like the online photo. 

Each piece has been handmade individually and naturally have difference among each other. The marbled collection will all have different patterns, with different amounts of colours (white vs. blue) that cannot be duplicated. 

How do I care for my ceramics?

Ceramics do not like to be exposed to large temperature changes. Therefore care should be taken. Ceramics are safe for in the oven; however, it is important to place the ceramic piece in the over when the oven is preheating to allow it to slowly warm up. Do not place a cold ceramic dish from the fridge straight into a hot oven, this will result in cracking. Hand washing is recommended since the dishwasher does expose the ceramics to high temperatures. Microwaves also expose ceramics to quick temperature changes that can result negatively on the piece. However, I have been putting my ceramics in the dishwasher and microwave and haven't had any issues. But it is important to remember to not put cold ceramics into the microwave and heat them really hot. A quick reheat of your coffee is fine. *Note: Those pieces with gold lustre are not microwave or dishwasher safe. 

Are your ceramic pieces food safe?

The marbled collection and gold collection are both food safe. Some exclusive pieces glazed in the crawl glaze are not food safe. However, this glaze is not used on pieces that would be used for food or drink and only on decorative pieces such as ring dishes and planters, or on the exterior of the piece which does not come in contact with food. 

How do I hear of new products or shows you will be attending?

The best way to stay in touch is by joining my mailing list and/or following along on Instagram (@jennyrijke). 

Do you offer custom orders?

At this point in time I am not taking any custom orders. I can sometimes accommodate special requests for custom writing on the bottom of my current designs. However, this will take 3-4 weeks for your order to be made before shipped. 

Do you offer wedding registries?

Yes, I am happy to work with youif you are interested in selecting a number of pieces from my current collection for your wedding registry. Email via the contact page to further discuss. 

Do you work collaboratively with others?

I am happy to work with you! Please email via the contact page to further discuss.