Jenny Rijke


We design and craft each piece in our small-batch, home-based, ceramics studio in rural Eastern Ontario. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed, guided by simplicity, honesty, and functionality. A combination of modern and organic designs are formed from a traditional medium creating a truly unique piece. These pieces show natural imperfections and character as they are each individually made by hand. Items in the collection are made with top quality natural materials and are hand glazed using studio developed and tested glazes.


Jenny currently lives where she was born and raised, in an early 1800's farmhouse on a horticultural farm in Iroquois, Ontario, Canada with her husband. Her upbringing was one of family farm life, hard work, simple living, farm fresh food and traditional cuisine using whole foods. Today, those same roots are evident and true and are what laid a firm foundation and gave her a vision for her ceramic business that started at the end of 2014.

Jenny, a self taught ceramicist, is a maker, wife, entrepreneur and rooted in Jesus Christ, seeking to bring Him honour and glory.